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    Not related to the article at all.. but I really dislike the font they used! the dots on the ‘i’s are HUGE!

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      That is pretty interesting. You never think of Google as a PaaS or anything like that, in my experience.

      I just checked the prices for Google Cloud Platform offerings and it seems, at a glance, that my company would actually save a little bit if they switched from AWS. Doesn’t mean we’ll switch or anything, but it’s a good alternative to have in mind to prevent vendor lock-in.

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        Well there is always risk of vendor lock-in especially if you start relying on Google specific technologies Google BigQuery , Cloud BigTable, etc.. I think being mindful of whether you are using a vendor standard or industry standard, and whether a vendor solution gives you an edge, and the cost of a vendor’s lock in will help you make the right decisions along the way.