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      Bauer looks like a somewhat similar project.

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      How does that work with bootstrapping? I’ve looked into your makefile and it seems it depends on some non-bundled .el files. With my current setup I install git, zsh, emacs, stow from the package manager, then clone my dotilfes and run their install.sh. On a new system, what is required to get up and running with your setup?

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        Which .el exactly?

        The files elisp/tangle.el and elisp/publish.el are included, these run package-install if the required packages are not found yet.

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          Oh, you included them within your repo, didn’t see that. That works.

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      Awesome work, @to1ne! I like the idea of using make to build the files.

      For some past work on literate NixOS dotfiles, check out https://github.com/rasendubi/dotfiles

      I must admit that literate dotfiles (and org-mode in general) make me tempted to switch to Emacs. I’ll put trying Emacs on my long list of things-to-do.