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    This is a positive direction in front end frameworks. I can see why it’s leveraging the popular “reactive” label, but it’s different enough to warrant a different name. It’s more of s simple dataflow-constraint variable nature, along the lines of ConstraintJS, Amulet, and Garnet. (All three from CMU.)

    Much more capable than the current ReactJS line of development. First glance looks like a lot of code… not sure why, maybe to fit in with all that JS, DOM, etc. A good step in the right direction though. Hopefully it will attract some attention.

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      Speaking of Amulet …

      I’ve been crazy enough to get Amulet compiling and somewhat running again:


      I don’t know how much I plan to work on it … as doing this much was somewhat random and unplanned, but it has been fun.

      I started out doing it because while I’ve known about Amulet and Garnet for over 20 years at this point, I’ve not run them in about that long and thought that I would benefit from digging deeper.

      Contributions are welcome. There’s plenty to do as not everything works, etc.