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I can’t find a way to log out of Lobsters.

https://lobste.rs/logout gives me a 404.

Additionally, when I try to submit this story with only the “ask” tag, I get this error:

1 error prohibited this story from being saved. There were the problems with the following fields: Must have at least one non-media (PDF, video) tag. If no tags apply to your content, it probably doesn’t belong here.

So I added “programming”.


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    Welcome to Hotel Lobsterpot -

    you can check in but you can never leave.

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      I think these questions are best suited for the GitHub issues. As an aside, I added a suggestion to remove the programming and add the meta tag.

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        It has indeed been reported.

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          It would be great to have a link to that on the front page somewhere. The pending messages notification has been broken for months and this is the first time I’ve seen instructions for how to write a bug report.

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            Please do file an issue for this, it’s the first I’m hearing of a bug around pending messages.