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    When they said Rust needed an IDE, I said do everything you can to convince JetBrains to add Rust since they’re apparently amazing in tooling per what I read. Glad it happened as it might be very helpful on corporate side where they’ll want solid tooling and nice items to keep budget large. ;)

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      I really like JetBrains’ family of IDEs but they always feel a little… bloated? Laggy? They work great and are certainly super-powered (I was blown away when I was able to paste Java into a .kt file and asked if it was okay for the IDE to translate it) but performance always feels a little iffy to me.

      I really want to see an IDE solely focused on Rust.

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      Are they using, or planning to use, the Rust Language Server and/or Racer completion?

      edit: I’m a fool; they have an entire section on the FAQ dedicated to this. They plan to not use either RLS or Racer.

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        Yeah, IntelliJ do their own thing. The tooling they use for every language is created in-house by them.

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        Happy to see that. The Rust plugin is very good - I’m currently taking it for an extended spin and it makes the language much easier to work with.

        My favourite feature is the ability to annotate all variables with the inferred type.

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          I’ve been using it for the last month. It’s great. I’d be so much slower without it and I’m still learning Rust.

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            Is there any assistance with borrowing/ownership issues? Seems like that’s a major thing in Rust where IDEs could help.

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              Not directly, but at least it has refactoring support for elding/unelding lifetimes quickly, which is usually the first thing you do when debugging.

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                I have limited familiarity with lifetimes in rust - what do you mean by elding here?

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                  “Eliding”, that is, hiding (or showing) simple, easily-inferred lifetimes that the compiler does not require to be explicitly annotated.

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            This is exciting, I keep hearing such great things about the Rust plugin. I really need to check this out!