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    Looks pretty, but is it horribly resource intensive like all other web-tech based “native” apps?

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      Of course it is. That’s the trade off of having the ability to build any ui ever with simple mark-up that’s been around years and built by a coordination of several large corporations.

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        Have you measured?

        I assumed the same, but I used it for a day and it idles around at ~40 MB memory, which is about the same as iTerm2 uses.

        Still, hitting command-I to debug why my font settings weren’t applied is gold :).

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          Have you measured?

          Yes, I run find / in hyper and gnome-terminal. Hyper didn’t even start strolling the buffer, it just choked.

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            I can replicate that issue, but it still hasn’t led to a significant increase of memory use for hyper for me, which points to an application issue and not a general issue with the electron runtime like /u/voronoipotato suggests.

            I’m not a huge fan of electron for different reasons (it being oddly opposed to platform standards and visuals on any platform), but “GTK/Cocoa is just faster/more memory-saving” is slowly becoming a non-true statement.

            (The tracking issue is https://github.com/zeit/hyper/issues/1169 by the way)

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      Gave it a try, on Debian, but… while it looks nice, there are some huge issues:

      • It uses custom window decorations, and no obvious way to hide them. This is an issue, because I’ve set up my WM to hide title bars and borders when windows are maximised, and Hyper’s custom decorations go against that, and thus, looks awkward and out of place.
      • Some key combos are… not handled well. I use Alt-Space as my prefix key in TMUX, which did not work at all in Hyper.
      • Fonts are a problem: I use some unicode symbols, and my stock terminal (GNOME terminal) can display them fine. Hyper, for some odd reason, cannot.

      Apart from the themeability, and extensibility of it, I didn’t find a compelling reason why I should replace my current terminal with it. Tabs, splitting and whatnot do not interest me, tmux can do those better.

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        Theming aside, not being able to use platform idioms like command-left/right to switch tabs is making this really hard to use for me. I want this to work out of the box.

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        They released a “1.0” while the support for Control-prefixed shortcuts is broken: https://github.com/zeit/hyper/issues/1132 https://github.com/zeit/hyper/issues/1069 and more. Try doing anything with nano, remote tmux or screen.

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          This doesn’t surprise me. Aside from now I’ve been cautious of projects associated with Guillermo Rauch. When he says 1.0 they mean 1.0 for his usage.

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          If this is made with web technologies does that mean it can be stripped down and put on a website as a terminal style interface?