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      I’ve contacted them about dropping Amiga support, offering to try and get something up and running for them. It’ll mean the 4000 gets put to good use, and once I have a stable build setup I can try to recreate it using the 68k AROS kickstart and runtime in UAE so they can have an automated checkout->build->submit process.

      Hopefully they’ll get back to me. Anyone want to take on any of the other OSes?

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      OK they’re just NOW dropping Amiga and BeOS support as well as K&R specific C features!

      Also, because we’re talking about Nethack - this is pretty much the sum total of my nethack experience:

      You faint from hunger! You die… Your little white dog eats you!

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        And OS/2 support. If I had a working OS/2 VM currently I’d probably volunteer to support it. I’m reasonably certain I played it back when I ran OS/2…

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      The first time I ever installed Linux was MkLinux (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MkLinux) on one of the first generation PowerPC macs, because that was only way I could get Nethack with graphics at the time. I randomly answered the build questions asked by the configuration script based on this thing I read on the Internet about how Linux was supposedly a mixture of SysV and BSD.

      Still astonished I got it up and running—but I got to play nethack with graphics!

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