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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Isolating in my office, as I’ve picked up the dreaded lurgy. Probably some mixture of video games, reading, messing about on my server and watching movies. (The thing I’m most annoyed about is by the time I’m out of isolation, cinema’s will have stopped showing the new 007 movie. Probably serves me right for leaving it as late as possible.)

      Last weekend I managed to get off-site backups setup for my NAS. This weekend my aim is to make the media side of the homelab more resilient as I’m bored of restarting Plex / Sonarr weekly because someone in the house has moaned they are unavailable.

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        I hope you feel better soon.

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      Getting ready for my new position I start on Monday! That mostly means relaxing tbh, but may do a small project in Elixir to refresh my knowledge.

      Also tomorrow mine and my partner’s parents will meet for the first time

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        congrats! What is your new position all about? Hopefully, you’ll be writing some Elixir there!

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      I might get into gamedev. Join some local group or something. I have no gamedev experience at all, but it sounds like a good area to do rewarding work with others and socialize a bit with fun people.

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        It is very fun! I thoroughly recommend it

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      Going on vacation for the weekend to a relaxing spot. I think I’ll bring my laptop though to play around with some arbitrage algorithms in Go.

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      Christmas decorations are going up per the wife, and getting some more schoolwork done. I’ve also gotten back into Factorio lately, maybe I’ll actually build that megabase I’ve been dreaming about for some time now. I’ve been playing it on a Linux desktop along with some other games and found that Steam’s Proton works pretty damn well.

      A few hiccups here and there with some games, but I’ve been able to wade through them and they work great. I played Skyrim for example yesterday and performance was just fine. Will undoubtedly play some more this weekend as time permits.

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      We will get zapped for the booster shot. I am also looking forward to playing battlefield 2042. The first BF game I would play since BF1. I got it preloaded last night. Can’t wait to get back to bad company and BF3 maps.

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      Trying to boot a mini-PC that I bought a few months ago. I mostly use VPSes and cloud stuff but the urge for a neat little Linux box was just too hard too resist 🙂

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        Share some details! Specs? OS? First order of business after getting it booting?

        Asking as I recently did the same with a mini pc.

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          Sure! 🙂 It’s a refurbished Lenovo Thinkcentre M72e that I bought from a shop in Germany via Ebay. Quite modest specs: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.20GHz, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD. Currently trying out Openmediavault to see if it suits my needs. The admin web interface seems quite nice. I might also run some Docker containers on there. Feel free to follow me on Mastodon for updates! I’m tempted to get even more of these machines 🙃

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      Just finished all the tedium and writeup for Arcan 0.6.1 so a day of rest doing related but stupid stuff just for my own amusement before going back to work. A candidate on the list is to play around with using a webcam feed of my face as a controller for playing Marble Madness.

      Also finally caught up with the main content of FFXIV+expansions (started two months ago). There’s a few weeks until the next expansion releases, so I will pick out a few favourite pieces of the score and practice away at the piano.

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      Try to retroengineer the binary format used by my sampler, taking some time with friends but mostly some work stuff that I negliged this week.

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      Taking the next week off for (American) thanksgiving. I’ve got some fun plans lined up such as:

      • visiting an art museum in my city that I haven’t been to yet
      • Getting my eyes checked, because my company’s insurance will pay for it and why shouldn’t I take advantage of that?
      • Having a birthday
      • Going to a college football game to cheer on my girlfriend’s university
      • Releasing a new version of Stork, and starting work to modularize the codebase for the next version
      • Playing around more with Astro, and seeing if it’s the static site framework that best aligns with my brain
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      Working on a Common Lisp package for manipulating 2D hex grids. I’ve been using this page as a reference. This past week I worked on a simple geometry shader to display the hexagons, and now that it’s working well enough, I need to pivot back to the CL side and flush out the grid data structure and operations.

      I also need to get back to the H3 binding I was working on. I was translating the Python tests into CL and found a bug in the wrapper for “polygonToCells,” and I need to debug and fix it.

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      Yesterday night I saw Death Stranding was on sale for lower than I remember it being and since I’ve been wanting to play it for a while and I’ve also been feeling like picking up one of these long games to dive into for a while, I picked it up. I think that’ll cover a big part of the weekend.

      I’ll also write yet another parser combinator in typescript covering the types of parsers I wrote about in the post I submitted here a few days ago and I’ll use it to parse the Kamaitachi ni Yoru game files. I’ll have to figure out the output format, that’ll be fun.

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      Continuing building a Svelte front end + Clojure API back end dashboard for running my newsletter. Do a couple of live coding streams while doing that. Write an article that analyzes the past ~130 issues and ~400 articles featured to see how they performed (in terms of clicks + social media trending) and what can be gleamed from it.

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      I’ve finally manage to recover my bricked MBA M1 (I accidentally the entire thing), so I’m going to setup an OK development environment plus the other stuff (for photo editing).

      I’ve just setup mu4e using this guide, otherwise it’s just homebrew and Ansible.

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        How easy was it to brick out of interest?

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          How easy was it to brick out of interest?

          diskutil eraseDisk /dev/rdisk0

          To recover from that you need another Mac and a free Apple provided application, but I didn’t and I couldn’t easily borrow someone elses machine either. And as I live approx. 1000 km from the nearest Apple certified repair shop it took some time to unbrick it.

          Fixing the issue took 20 minutes or so.

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        did you finish your snow crash writing homework? ;-)

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          I can’t focus on reading apparently :( maybe I do actually need the ADHD medication for that

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      Trying to get some more book written, NaNoWriMo has been a disaster so far

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      Probably trying to figure out how to fix the INTERNALTIME on a bunch of my emails. I didn’t realise when I moved the mail archive between machines a few years ago that Dovecot uses the mtime in the filesystem as the INTERNALTIME and some of these were changed. I think the timestamp at the start of the filename for all of the Maildir files is actually the correct time, but I need to do some extra checking to make sure and then write a little program that sets the mtime.

      If anyone has done this already, let me know! I found a forum post that linked to a Perl script, but the link was dead.