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    Love rust & can’t wait for version 1. but until then it is in too much flux for actual use. :/ Looks like a very nice language

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      I remember way back when I first looked at Rust over a year ago and I saw the pointer sigils. It reminded me of Perl or PHP or Ruby, and I wasn’t crazy about it. Their removal is a welcome change.

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        Do you have recommendations for migrating codebases that are no longer compatible with Rust?

        I tried checking out some interesting projects on github to play with Rust and they wouldn’t run and I didn’t have enough context to fix the breakages.

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          Depends on how old, and how complex. If they’re before… 0.9, they may be too old without someone who knows what’s really up.

          As you say, it’s largely about context. Lots of the changes are text substitutions, but unless you know what text to substitute…

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          I really admire what the Mozilla team is doing here in terms of technology and implementation, it really shows the strength of their team.

          But considering language/library design in terms consistency, avoiding special cases, making easy things easy and hard things possible, naming and the overall approach, Rust is quite disappointing. I really hope someone comes along, takes Rust’s technology and wraps it in a nicer language with better libraries.

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            Can you expand on these points? I feel like we’ve been making a specific effort to add consistency and avoid special cases lately.

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              Well, I think I have raised every point I wanted to make in one way or another already.

              Despite having spent more or less 2 years on exactly this topic and discussing/bringing up/participating in/implementing improvements with a focus on this in a language considerably more popular than Rust, trying to apply that experience to Rust has been met with a dismissive “that’s just your opinion”.

              For me, Rust will be a lot like Haskell: I like the ideas behind it a lot, but I’ll very likely skip the language and place my bets on Rust.next/Idris.

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                Okay. Sorry to hear that. :/