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    Interesting take! I think I understand what the author means. As of currently, AI couldn’t match human performance because they can’t deal with too much randomness in their input. That’s a fair point and I’d have to agree with that, but that wouldn’t mean that advances in AI wouldn’t enable a car to be fully autonomous.

    We will probably invent something which can mimic the human way of learning stuff better, supercharged probably even. Look at GPT-2.

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      Sounds like an entertaining rant but the site asks me to log in to read it.

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        I find the article a bit misleading. From where I am sitting, author is confusing AI and automation. Labor automation is real, is happening, and does lead to workers losing jobs. This is happening in most of the industrialized sectors. Yes, AI will not replace any significant amount of jobs anytime soon, but robots (automation, mechanical, non-intelligent) will.

        – Written on a portable device assembled by non-human workers