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Hello fellow lobsters!

After 8 months of investment of my little spare time, I’m happy to announce the first release of Crossbow (the minimalist feed aggregator).

Check out the README file: https://gitlab.com/dacav/crossbow/-/raw/master/README

The software is in usable state, but it might have some rough edges, so the version is 0.9.0.

The documentation, in form of manpage can probably be improved. Suggestions, ideas, reviews, patches and corrections are more than welcome!


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      I have been building a very similar, minimalist, cron based aggregator, but it generates HTML instead of email. Not sure I’ll adopt what you’ve got instead, but certainly worth a deeper look! Thanks for posting!

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        Actually, Crossbow does not generate email. Cron generates local email out of the cronjob’s standard output/error. If crossbow is configured to be silent, or if it executed outside cron, no email will be generated.

        For example, you can invoke crossbow-fetch manually and redirect the output on a file.

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          This is great! I’ve just realised from your comment, that it can then be hooked up to something like noti

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            In true Unix fashion… it can be hooked to anything and it can hook sub processes and pipe the data into them