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If you want to take part in the R7RS process read the discourse page, and join us on https://libera.chat/ at #scheme

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    I guess I’m out of the loop. I thought R7RS has been around for a while now. What is the process discussion about?

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      R7RS small was ratified in 2013, but work on R7RS large is ongoing. This work seems to largely involve adding SRFIs to the large language standard, which has evolved over a series of “editions”. https://github.com/johnwcowan/r7rs-work/blob/master/R7RSHomePage.md

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        Ongoing discussion on R7RS-large is happening here nowadays: https://codeberg.org/scheme/r7rs/issues

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        I recall that in the early days, the Scheme standard was controlled by a large group of notable researchers, and a unanimous vote was required to add a new feature. That process collapsed when R7RS-large was proposed. Now it looks like the work is being continued by John Cowan and 3 other people (looking at the codeberg link from @Drakonis), using the SRFI process to generate and test proposals (each SRFI is implemented by multiple Scheme implementations before it gets added to the standard).