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    While this is tagged satire, I think the author brings up a lot of good points (for the year 2001). Maintaining metadata sucks but accurate metadata makes cataloging, searching, and sharing much easier. Lucky for us, since 2001 humanity’s made some progress in the area.

    The beets project is a command-line music organizer. It can use existing tags or audio fingerprinting to identify tracks, polls public databases for additional metadata, populates/cleans the metadata tags in the audio file, and then uses that information to sort the file(s) into your media library. There’s plugins for audio normalization, codec conversion, album art processing, alerting iTunes to rescan your library, etc. For anyone maintaining a 10k+ song library, this makes your life much easier.

    That being said, there’s a lot of work to do. For research papers, there’s Zotero which will update metadata in your pdfs but it’s a bit heavy if you just use it for that and can fail if your PDF doesn’t already have tags. For video, there’s a few solutions but I haven’t been able to find anything as automated as beets. If anyone has recommendations for similar software please share!