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    Just the thought of sending Forth code via HAM radio is amazing. The raw ingenuity of the old-school hackers always astounds me.

    On the subject of patents I think this is example is not a localized occurence. In technology the innovators are not always those with money for R&D, but the opposite; Those who are constained to their limited resources so must get creative. I think for nearly every technology patent there was some hacker 10 years prior who did it because they needed to, and didn’t tell anyone. This goes triply so for software patents (evil as they are).

    This also has interesting timing since I’ve been learning Forth recently. The community has done some very interesting things due to the incredibly simple nature of the language. CollapseOS and GBForth come to mind.

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      I just got around to reading the Softnet papers (pdfs) mentioned in the posted article - they’re short and very interesting.

      The model of sending code as messages reminds me of the spirit of IPC in q; in its simplest form you can just send q code as a string to another q process, which runs it (and can return you the result).