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    Terrible title IMO, it has nothing to do with Schrodinger. TLDR; Network injection (MITM attacks) appliances are being sold by US companies to various governments. IE 0-day and Windows application updates (flash, java, etc.) are the targets . HTTPS is ultimately the solution.

    I downloaded Skype yesterday and was alarmed to see it not being delivered over HTTPS.

    Encouraging companies to move HTML/JS and executables to only HTTPS is worthwhile but not an effective current solution. MacOSX may not be targeted by these specific appliances but is still vulnerable to a more sophisticated attacker.

    It seems that only using Linux where package managers check all binaries against securely obtained checksums is the solution.

    I use macports, but Skype and other apps aren’t available on there. Perhaps we should have a user maintained service that maintained checksums of DMGs, etc. and automatically checks for all downloaded files. Could a Chrome extension do that?