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    Add "AR/VR" Tag meta

I’d like to suggest the addition of an AR/VR tag as a further specialization of graphics for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Stories that would benefit from it:

I’m a little torn on this, but I’m curious what people think. I feel like the tag identifies a pretty clear cluster of technologies and programs, and it’d be helpful to act as a crystallization point for more submissions in that direction.

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    This seems fine to me … but let me just peevishly point out that we don’t even have a tag for audio/music, which is far more mainstream than VR/AR. (There is an audio tag but it’s to mark posts that link to audio files like podcasts.)

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      The blanket term for these technologies is usually XR in case that helps.

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        I’m well aware–see also mixed-reality. All of those strike me as rather strained hype and marketing terms.

        (Though, in all fairness, I shudder to think at how much VR has been abused as a term.)

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        Yes please add this tag, I think many people would benefit from being able to filter on this tag and decide to read a story, or not, if this tag is attached.