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    Alexis King’s technical writing really impresses me. It allows me to follow along quite far, even as someone for whom this topic is a bit too advanced. I remember the same was true of a Haskell talk she gave which if memory serves was about the innards of GHC.

    I particularly appreciate it having started writing technical posts for colleagues and the wider world. It’s deceptively hard to write in a way that’s simultaneously full of useful information but not overwhelming.

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      Another impressive (and inspiring) fact about Alexis I learned of today is her experience with Racket:

      I work on Racket almost as much as I work with Racket, and I know its state of the art macro system inside and out. I use Racket to build extremely flexible tools that are both easy to extend and easy to understand, and I use its documentation language, Scribble, to write general-purpose technical documentation and specifications.

      I maintain too many Racket libraries to list.