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    Great pics. Even had some Tadpoles in there for folks that wanted to use SPARC. Whereas, I just learned there were PA-RISC laptops. PA-RISC had unique memory protection at some point. Wonder if the CPU’s in those laptops had that.

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      What do you mean, “unique”?

      The CPUs in these two lappies were off-the-shelf. The SAIC Galaxy 1100 is just a 9000/712 with some board rework and peripherals in a rugged case, thus a standard PA-7100LC. The PrecisionBooks were based on the HP Visualize-C workstations using PA-7300LCs. The only other portables I’m aware of were the Hitachi systems which used a Hitachi-specific PA-RISC chip I don’t know much about.

      I like PA-RISC. Working on a K250 was my first job out of college, so it has a place in my heart.

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        “What do you mean, “unique”?”

        This. Itanium got that and more (pdf) since it shared the same design lead IIRC. That link is also an advertisement for Secure64’s SourceT OS and DNS that were custom designed to use those mechanisms. Looks like they switched to hardened Linux due to death of Itanium. Their old OS is described here with some pentesting by Matasano.

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          Oh, gotcha. Yes, these should support that, I think it’s intrinsic to the architecture or at least everything from the PA-7000 on up.