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So, I made this. It’s a readable feed reader that promotes interesting content based on articles you vote for.

This is not a finished product, I’m trying this “release early” thing hoping to get some opinions. The timing seems right with Google Reader disappearing.

Readable.cc is open-source (built on Swiftlet, another one of my projects):



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    I’m not a designer, but I think it looks cool. My one quibble is that using j/k turns it into a different mode that you can’t escape from. I think that either it should be full-on modal where you start in details mode and switch to title mode by hitting some key, or else just choose one mode.

    Edit: Never mind, I misunderstood how it worked. It would be nice to be able to collapse an article that has been put in details mode though.

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      Scrolling with the mouse puts you back into headline-mode so you don’t have to scroll past entire articles. I could bind the Escape key to keep you in headline-mode when you’re using the keyboard to navigate or to just collapse the current article. I’ve been meaning to add a few more shortcuts, e.g. s to save.

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        Hmm, I’m not seeing that behavior. The articles which aren’t in headline mode stay not in headline mode when I scroll with my mouse.

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          Yes, expanded articles stay open. Collapsing them as you scroll down would move the rest of the page up (unless I make the page scroll in the opposite direction automatically.) I’m not sure if there is a real reason to close articles after you read them, they disappear from view as you keep going down.

          I haven’t really though of it as being modal. The headline view is the default but it’s tedious having to press two keys (j, o) if you just want to read articles or see the images. If you’re just interested in headlines you would hit j (or the space bar) repeatedly or use the mouse. I realise people use the site differently though, I appreciate your view on this.