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    Is there something interesting about this language?

    There’s such a glut of new languages lately, so maybe I’m jaded, but in recent months Crystal, Zig, Lobster and others have drawn me in long enough to read through their docs; by contrast I lost interest in this one before I finished reading through the sort implementation.

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      Tasks solved on rosettacode.org:

      Rank:  1        (1,243 entries) Go
      Rank:  2        (1,195 entries) Phix
      Rank:  3        (1,185 entries) Raku
      Rank:  4        (1,184 entries) Julia
      Rank:  5        (1,132 entries) Python
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          hah, they call their archive pcan :D

          (it’s a play on perl’s “cpan”, perhaps the first really popular package repository for a programming language)