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Vim plugin associated: https://github.com/unfog-io/unfog-vim


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    It looks like a very nice tool I would like to use.

    But if I can suggest something, as it seem like you’re an author of the tool…

    The worktime feature is a very nice touch and might be very useful, however its default behavior seems to be rather unrealistic. You don’t really plan the work time in advance, nor you don’t set the stopwatch for each time you start the task and then note the result. At least most people won’t do that unless they’re some sort of timetracking freaks.

    It might be nice to replicate what gtimelog does. In short - you tell it someting like “i’m now working on xyz” and it records the timestamp. After you’re done with xyz, you type “i’m working on abc” and it also logs the current timestamp. Then it subtracts the last timestamp from current one to calculate the working time. On beginning and end of they day you just announce that to not overflow the timer. Of course there are also edge cases like mid-task breaks, context switches and so on, but these are also doable.

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      I personally prefer to track them manually (start & stop) for a better control / precision. Originally, before being a CLI, this tool was a Vim plugin (https://github.com/soywod/kronos.vim). I was really efficient with it. My workflow was as simple as 1/ open tasks in Vim 2/ press Enter to toggle them 3/ consult reports. I quickly reached the limits of VimL so I decided to move the logic to a CLI. The actual Vim plugin is only an interface for it. I’m happy with my workflow and with how the worktime works, I prefer to keep it this way. But it could be interesting to add this feature in the future, I keep your idea in mind :) thanks for sharing.

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      I can recommend anybody to learn https://taskwarrior.org/ It is the only task manager that I was able to stick to and it is a lot smarter than all the “simple” ones, yet nicely scriptable and cli driven.

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        In fact I started to use taskwarrior first. I liked it, it’s a very complete tool with good features. But it was too complex for my needs. I didn’t need that much + it didn’t fit well my workflow. A good plugin existed for Vim (https://github.com/blindFS/vim-taskwarrior) but the project was not maintained anymore. So I decided to do my own one.

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        People may also want to check out rtw, a “time tracker CLI tool” written in Rust. All I can say is it compiled fine and its basic functions seem to work, I just installed it, but that seems like a good start :)

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          It looks very nice indeed! I like the timeline feature :)