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Summary: The Corona virus situation has seen an explosion in wild conspiracy theories. How many can be “in on it” in a conspiracy before it breaks?

“If you want to keep things a secret for five years, have less than 2,531 people in on the plot. If you’re shooting for a decade, 1,257 is the largest you can go. And if you want to have a conspiracy that lasts a century or more (like the DaVinci Code) then you need to keep your numbers really small, down to 125 people.”


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    I don’t think this post adds much to the article. The popular science article linked to in the post would even be a better thing to link if anything

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        It misses a couple of other factors.

        Like conspiracies where nobody believed them because nobody believed that anybody could be that stupid, or that evil.

        The Very Bad Old Days of South Africa has several in each of those categories and some in both.