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    Can someone point me any popular real-world web apps using Wasm?

    Also how easy is it to interoperate with existing JS libraries when you compile your app to Wasm?

    What language are you compiling your code to Wasm from?

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      I think Figma uses wasm (see https://www.figma.com/blog/webassembly-cut-figmas-load-time-by-3x/).

      I haven’t done anything serious in wasm, but I recall it being surprisingly easy. You can have a look here, I think this is what I followed to get set up: https://rustwasm.github.io/docs/book/game-of-life/hello-world.html.

      I used Rust, but it’s the only non gc language I know, so I did not have much choice.

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        I believe https://sandspiel.club/ and https://orb.farm/ use wasm, generated from Rust. There’s significant amount of JS and shader code as well though. Details in https://maxbittker.com/making-sandspiel

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          Ok so, I could not point you to a real-world web app that is fully wasm but rather, uses libraries like libsodiumjs which is wasm. uBlock Origin also uses wasm but that’s an extension and wasm only works for extensions in firefox for some funny reason.

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            Check out this list: https://madewithwebassembly.com