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I’m a huge fan of college radio. I usually listen to Yale, Harvard, and Columbia’s streams throughout the day while I’m working. They play good music. Eventually I grew tired of having to have a bunch of browser windows open for each stream and having to cycle through tabs to access them – it’s kind of a nuisance. So I created a simple webpage, embedded a handful of streams in it, and called it the Ivy League Radio Network. If you like good music check it out!

PS: Dartmouth puts effort into their broadcast too. I don’t mind listening to them occasionally. PPS: Cornell’s stream has been down for months, so the link to their station won’t work. PPS: Sorry for the ad at the bottom. Just trying to cover basic hosting costs. Hope you don’t mind!


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    This has been a pretty sweet resource for me, especially now that Turntable.fm no longer helps me find new indie music.

    Dartmouth’s station is always just playing top 40 though. Not sure where you’re seeing the effort there! Yale and Harvard have been the best streams for me personally so far.

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      Hey! Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m glad someone other than me thinks it’s cool. I just put up the Russell Group Radio Network at http://www.russellgroupradio.net. The Russell Group is the UK’s equivalent of the Ivy League. I also linked the sites together so you can jump back and forth between them if you like. I was going to wait to post the RGRN until I’d listened to the stations more and had built a small list of universities I could recommend, but since we’re off in a little corner here and no one else will probably find this I’ll share it with you now. I hope you like it!

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      Np: Harvard vs Yale. Who will win, Richard Strauss or Arcade Fire?

      PS: no ad at the bottom for me, even with all scripts enabled, FF27, linux.