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    I’m on Disroot rright since Openmailbox was bought out, “modernized” with shitty new UI replacing Roundcube and ripped from regular IMAP access.

    On Disroot, nothing wrong happened to my data, support is extremely helpful and responsible, even on their Matrix channel, all of their outages and fsckups are announced by email (you can unsubscribe to that) and their model is pretty straight. Also they’re very transparent about all business decisions, financial stuff and services’ architecture.

    I’ll probably donate them soon with some considerable amount of money as they clearly deserved to.

    Ask any questions if you want to :)

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      Donations are crucial here. AFAIK donations fulfills the current needs, but the userbase is still growing so it might change anytime. If you use disroot, consider donating.

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        I do plan on donating. Like I use their service a lot and that data transfers they have to pay for must be a lot so yeah, I don’t want to see them capsize. I will be donating in the near future.

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        I agree. I want to donate too as I feel like I am obligated too as they run services that I run my life on.