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After multiple female tech company founders went public about being sexually propositioned by investors, another female founder discusses her own experiences and culpability in forming the current culture in the tech startup ecosystem.


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    This story is brave, perhaps, but at it’s core it’s about a non-technical person sleeping with another non-technical person for non-technical reasons.

    This isn’t a good fit here, and was already covered extensively at HN.

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      I disagree. It is about something that happens commonly in tech startup culture. Not just with people trying to get investment money, but also with contractors or hiring new people or even company culture. It is very common in tech to have meetings at bars and I think the implications of this should be discussed.

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        It is about something that happens commonly in tech startup culture.

        That was the main purpose of HN at one point. Still is for the most part. You’ll find articles like this regularly along with all kinds of comments and links on there. Plus be able to reach founders since many read the site.

        Better to keep Lobsters focused more on tech to reduce noise like with recent threads on politics. I don’t downvote or flag these per my current stance on censorship but surely don’t upvote them.

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      For people who haven’t seen the previous news stories on this:

      Women Entrepreneurs Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment

      Shedding Light on the Black Box of Inappropriateness

      The author of the post discusses how most meetings with investors happen late at night in bars, for both men and women, and how this can blur the lines between personal and business meetings with people possibly having different expectations. She also talks about her own actions which may have helped validate a culture of male investors propositioning women who are trying to get funding for their companies, and the pressure on these women to comply so they can make it in the industry. I think this was an incredibly hard thing for her to come out and discuss, and I think looking at all sides of how a cultural norm forms is a good thing if you want to try and change it.

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        Unroll.me was recently in the news for selling users’ email data and, when caught, saying how bad they felt that users had feelings without using a word like “apologize”, “sorry”, or “regret”.