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    Note that the MS docs say _popen only works from a console application. I would probably explicitly open in binary mode if reading non-text data like in this article.

    Allocating 1 MB on the stack for the buffer is also something you may have to be aware of in certain environments.

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      Someone needs to make something like this that also avoids using the shell. Like posix_spawn.

      In other words, the argument list needs to be an array, not a string, to save the user from invoking the shell with improper quoting. A command is fundamentally an argument array, and saving the user from having to concatenate this into a string, just so the shell can undo it, avoids an irritating, error prone and unnecessary step.

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        There is boost process: https://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_76_0/doc/html/boost_process/design.html#boost_process.design.scope

        But that is still a wrapper around os functions.