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    I love reading these reports. I think it’s likely that I’ll never run Haiku in anything but a VM, but it does give me some hope to know that somewhere out there are communities that are willing to put their time and energy behind alternative OSes.

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      When it’s time to retire an aging computer I like to install Haiku/Redox/ReactOS/whatever on it. In addition to poking around and seeing what’s there, it’s such a cool experience to get some software to build on it, run it, and see it working in this new “alien world.” Some OS projects (like AROS) I’ve only run in a VM, and at least for me, bare metal makes it more real and fun.

      This is a nice report about good technical work, and I just want to say that the Haiku community is really friendly and helpful.

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      I installed haiku on my laptop and I actually miss the interface a lot. I really liked its tabbing window system.