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    The abstracts are here[1] – it’s sort of hard to tell which talks you’ll like a priori without them.

    [1] http://bangbangcon.com/speakers.html

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      Continuation-passing style is a powerful and mind-warping technique that lets code play with its own control-flow (its “future”, so to speak). For example, it lets you elegantly express backtracking search algorithms such as regular expression matching. This curious technique also has deep connections to topics as diverse as compiler optimization, programming language design, and classical versus constructive logic.

      I’ve been interested in this for a while but didn’t know the name for it. Thanks.

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      pip install -U youtube-dl
      youtube-dl -f best https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2kxl-dcUYQQvTCuQtfuChQ/videos
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        Looks like lots of really interesting topics, thanks for the link; I’d never heard of !!Con and probably never would’ve found this otherwise.