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Not fond of posting reddit links but this is a guide, text only.

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    If you want to avoid posting directly to reddit, there is https://teddit.net/.

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      Is there some milestone that made this possible recently? Regardless, this is pretty cool!

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        I don’t think super recently, the checkm8 bootrom exploit was announced Sep 2019: https://twitter.com/axi0mX/status/1177542201670168576 (They’re using “checkra1n” which is a packaged binary to exploit that.)

        and the “project sandcastle” folks released their beta in March 2020 last year: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/03/project-sandcastle-brings-android-to-the-iphone/

        I assume kernel support (via Project Sandcastle) is only getting better, though…

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        Now wait for some mad lad that will create Apple ARM homelab using old iPhones with netboot. Actually this sound like fun project. And with stuff like that it can even be powered via PoE. Looking at the performance of Apple chips in phones and tablets it could be really interesting.

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          Not gonna lie, I’ve got my beowulf gloves on ..

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            performance of Apple chips

            If only this was something way newer than an iPhone 7…

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            This is really cool! I have a spare iphone 7 somewhere…. I might give it a try tonight