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    Oh, wow, that linked ala article.. Maybe it should have some trigger warnings…

    In fact, you can use the DOCTYPE to determine whether you want 100% compliance with the standards IE5/Mac supports, or backward compatibility with a browser like IE5/Windows, which does not fully support these standards.


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      What an amazing browser! Truly groundbreaking for its time, and still looks great today.

      I have done zero testing with it on my site so far, but I’d like to. Does anyone know the easiest way to get it running? Ideally with VirtualBox.

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        It’s pure PowerPC code, so you’ll need to use QEMU, install Mac OS (either 8, 9 or any X through 10.4), and run IEMac 5 in that.

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          You don’t actually need a PowerPC to run it, provided you’re okay with the Mac OS X version; Mac OS X used to ship with something called Rosetta that allowed running PowerPC binaries just fine. So, assuming at least one of Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.6 runs in VirtualBox or VMware or something, that really oughtta work too.