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    Love this post. Love the super quirky art and typographical style, and the whimsical style in which it was written.

    Also great to see people leveraging cloud-init! Such a powerful piece of infrastructure.

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      I love cloud-init!

      I use it in the stock+rpi kernel images I make for debian stable/testing/sid: https://github.com/ClashTheBunny/Debian64Pi/blob/master/build.sh#L166

      Just fork it and update that line with your own gist or private repo like mine: https://gist.github.com/ClashTheBunny/5c81708b05fb4f68aecba7367b3bf033

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        @cadey, it took a ton of reading to figure out how to put cloud-init on the fat32 boot directory so that any host system can configure it, but the magic was this invocation of nocloud: ds=nocloud;s=/boot/

        No ISO, no http server. Just text files on a fat32 partition.

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          I will have to take a look at that the next time I do stuff with a raspi! Thanks.