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      Ok, now bring back phones with an integrated hardware keyboard like the HTC desire Z.

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        My experience is that a fold-out bluetooth keyboard is much more comfortable and better.

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          I guess it depends on your use case. If you have a proper table you’re right. If you want to have a purely hand held device for places like a crowded subway an integrated keyboard would be superior, I guess.

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          I do tend to use various phones for multiple tasks as well. That being said, bluetooth fold-out keyboards were never a viable option for me (starting with some early folding ones for Palm handhelds etc up to the current Logitech Key-To-Go that isn’t foldabe but portable). My biggest problem with all of them was, that I use mobile devices mainly via commuting and it is just not really usable on your lap without the phone falling out or it being really shaky. A builtin keyboard might not be as comfortable as a separate bluetooth one, but it is fixed on your phone.

          A notable exclusion of the “external keyboards don’t work when commuting” is the ipad Pro with a Smart Keyboard - the magnets are holding it in place as good as a fixed one. (Can’t say anything about the magic keyboard but I assume similar) edit: i actually wrote about my experience using the iPad here - not really using it “fullblown” with a VM and stuff ondevice like you do but rather as a remote shell: https://www.shift-2.com/journal/my-current-setup-learning-and-developing-rust

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          Is it possible to use the one you linked on one’s laps? Or would I need a proper desk for that?

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      if you’re looking for mobile computer, search for that instead of phone.

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        I haven’t found anything better than my phone :-)

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      does system76 do smartphones?

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        I’d love that so much. Until then, there’s the PinePhone as well as the Librem 5, but there’s a reason I buy laptops from System76 instead of PINE64 and Purism. I’m looking for reasonable power at a reasonable price.

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      I feel like someone should mention the Gemini PDA.

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      This looks pretty interesting, I bought an S20 Ultra last month had it almost feels underutilized as a smartphone for just browsing, twitter, reddit etc…

      Have you looked at DEX? https://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/what-is/samsung-dex/ Which may be a similar desk-bound method of doing what you want, my guess is that when running a terminal in an OS on the phone will likely need a larger screen to be comfortable so DEX may be an option.

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        I don’t quite see the benefit of the DEX since I simply use Smart View to get my phone screen onto my 56” TV - and with the bluetooth keyboard, I have all I need for that setup. And when I’m at a customer’s office, it’s just the same - Smart View to any monitor and fliping out the bt keyboard, and off I go.

        But, as others have pointed out - a built-in keyboard would be better on the bus or subway.

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        Have you tried Dex yourself? If so, how do you like it? It’s tempting to buy the dock as a fun accessory, but I’m not sure how much I’d actually use it.

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          I believe most modern Dex-enabled phones can render the Dex interface over a USB-C cable (or a USB-C to HDMI cable). No need to buy the dock to play around with it!

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          I have not, similar to the OP I use Smart View from phone to TV but usually only for quick videos or something. I haven’t tried working/writing something on the phone and TV.