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    This is worth clicking through to just for the dancing banana.

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      I guess that’s a compliment? :)

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        Yes. :)

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      I’m learning Racket, so it helps me a lot to see example code. But mostly, racket is a bit of an undiscovered gem, isn’t it? It’s very low key, I usually hear just about Haskell or OCaml or Erlang, but damn Racket has a lot of powerful modules included. I find the code ugly though, but only how I write it. This example code is very well formatted.

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        I find Racket to be very well documented, and the community to be very helpful. It’s a shame that it’s not more widely used, but perhaps it’s in use by folks who just don’t talk about it. I’m hoping to talk more about it, but I’m not a professional racketeer, and have little time for hobby projects, so that’s unlikely to amount to much promotion – nor do I have any clout whatsoever to begin with.. :)

        As for formatting, there’s a style guide which might help you out.

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          “And as you read on, keep in mind that we are not perfectionists. We produce reasonable software.” Thanks for the pointer to that part of the docs. I was specifically looking for: http://docs.racket-lang.org/style/Textual_Matters.html

          I too find racket very well documented, something which I love about Python as well.