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Hacktoberfest is back. Should we pay an attention for particular things this year?

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    If anyone is interested in contributing to Lobste.rs for Hacktoberfest, we have a curated list of good first issues.

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      I am in to help with Ansible/Devenv etc

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        Count me in for help! [edit]🙈 I mean, I can help with Ansible, Python, Shell scripts, Go, Rust, Elixir, Lua, etc. 😁[\edit]

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          I’m in to help with Phoenix or Rails applications, or I guess Elixir or Ruby in general!

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            Last year was great as I actually got a contribution for one of my personal projects directly related to Hacktoberfest.

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              I have always wanted to help. But I don’t where. Maybe someone here has suggestions?

              I know Java (very well 15y experience) but there doesn’t seem to be many Java projects (that is not android) that needs help. :(. I also do some basic Rust and some Kotlin. I can also do other non-code stuff. Any suggestions?

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                GitHub has a good-first-issue topic https://github.com/topics/good-first-issue?l=java

                There is also a website dedicated to good first issues https://goodfirstissue.dev/language/java

                Even more here: https://www.firsttimersonly.com/

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