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    30 Hour Jobs job 30hourjobs.com

3 months ago, I shared 30 Hour Jobs to positive reception (https://lobste.rs/s/n0hgcf/30_hour_jobs). I have now added a job board component which may interest some readers.

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    I was disappointed to find out that the positions apparently aren’t really 30 hour ones, at least based on reading the job descriptions. This seems in line with the author’s post on HN, stating:

    I should also clarify that 30 Hour Jobs is the title here but I would like to capture companies of all sorts that support a flexible work week or simply embrace work/life balance and/or reduced hours in some way.

    I believe a disclaimer like this should be stated upfront on the website, not buried on a random forum (i.e. HN). Probably even going as far as tweaking the title/tagline to add “or flex”. Otherwise, I personally find this site and ad misleading and, I’m afraid, not fully honest. At least I felt cheated. Unless the postings are verified to offer 30h or shorter weeks, then such an info should be explicitly displayed in each of the offers, because as it is, it feels at least dubious to me.

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      That’s definitely the most common bit of feedback I’ve seen today. I’ll work on make that more clear.

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        Maybe take another DN like flexiblejob.com and link to a filter with the ones that are flexible?

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          I think it’s much less useful if your site has no hard requirements or at least filters with hard requirements. If it includes jobs that “simply embrace work/life balance and/or reduced hours in some way,” then it’s just a dumping ground for employers who want to attract workers who value work/life balance.

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        Can you please not use Lobsters for self-promotion?

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          What’s wrong with self-promotion? I’m not arguing one way or the other, I’m genuinely curious.

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            The occasional link to your own blog or projects isn’t so bad–hell, I’ve posted my own writing from time to time.

            The problem, as here, is when somebody mostly or only posts their own stuff. That sort of behavior is exactly indistinguishable from being used as a marketing outlet, and that in turn tends to tank our signal-to-noise ratio and attract the sort of behavior that has resulted in issues for places like the orange site.

            Again, self-promotion isn’t terrible–it’s self-promotion without sufficient effort to give something back to the community that’s the problem.

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              Links with the “authored by” attribute are the ones that I click on the most. Please stop framing your personal taste as the community’s taste. While I’m not personally interested in this link, I respect that at least 29 (at the time I’m writing this comment) other people have given it an upvote. Meanwhile, 3 users have hidden this link, 1 has marked it as already posted, 1 has marked it as off-topic, 4 have marked it as spam, and your first comment has received 10 upvotes. Taken together, that’s 19 indications of disapproval for this post compared to 29 indications of approval. I might also hide this link but I will not indulge an egotistic urge to impose my taste on others, as you so often do. Please stop.

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                i see no indication that he’s speaking for the community or doing so out of egoism; seems like you’re reading that in

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            people post their blogs here all the time don’t they?

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            Good idea. :)

            A detail, I wish the site would not render a blank page when Javascript is turned off.

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              so many sites are infected with this insanity. :(

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              Hey Nicholas, I found a job through 30 Hour Jobs via this post. Thanks!

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