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    The argument here is essentially that privacy groups should support DRM because it will allow individuals to control their personal information. The problem is that, as noted by Ian Hickson, head of the WHATWG, DRM is not about controlling people’s ability to disseminate information, it’s about giving content creators leverage against the creators of distribution mediums.

    Users don’t have the same ability to hold leverage over the companies that facilitate the dissemination of personal information, and so the application of DRM technologies to users wouldn’t work. This boils down to the issue that DRM can be consistently broken, and would be broken by content distributors if it were in their best interest to do so. So without significant reasons not to do it (say, legislation criminalizing or banning the dissemination of user information against that user’s wishes), they could simply circumvent user-controlled DRM and lose nothing more than an individual user (if they actually decide to leave, which they may not do).