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    Rome was much more ethnically diverse than this, even in its leadership. Septimius Severus was African!

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      I didn’t know anything about Septimius Severus, but your comment interested me, so I went to Wikipedia to learn more.

      According to Wikipedia he was born in northern Africa. His mother was from a Roman equestrian family and his father was Punic (Carthaginian.) That would probably make him Phoenician in appearance. He’d definitely be more olive-skinned than the poster shows!

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        You’re right. There’s a contemporary family portrait showing this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severan_Tondo

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          What an incredible artifact! Thanks for the link.

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        Elegabalus looks like he might hail from Syria though, which is historically accurate.

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          Too much facial hair to be Elagabalus though.

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          Sure but northern Africans aren’t that much different than other Mediterranean people on the whole, genetically speaking. If you see someone today like Zinedane Zidane, you don’t really think ‘he looks so different’ even though he’s a Berber.