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    What’s not quite addressed is how to limit the number of people applying. I liked this post, but what do you do after a craigslist posting results in 700 applicants? I think they kept their open position advertising pretty subtle.

    Interesting fact from the New Yorker profile of Jony Ive: Apple employs three people to full time find and recruit new designers. They hire one new designer per year.

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      A wonderfully entrenched rambling. Unlike most posts which explain why the hiring process is flawed, this one offers solutions on how to address the problem, in sync with the inclinations of some talented developers / programmers. This solution of data-led hires versus status-quo hires is interesting. If employers are copying trends, then that could be systemic. Maybe hiring is another ‘addon feature’? I suspect most acquisitions are not after specific individuals in a company, but the whole team culture, which if you do record it - got that way from an orchestra of hiring which grew over time.