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    I don’t see a contact form on this page. If somebody has one, send him this link to Hercules emulator:


    IBM tolerates Hercules so long as it doesn’t compete with their business. It doesn’t here given he’s supporting a mainframe shop. He might be able to use his business’s zOS license or get a free additional for the emulator. Do as much of the development as possible right on a PC. Performs well, too.

    EDIT to add obligatory reference to The Eternal Mainframe:


    Goes much further than a lifestyle choice. ;)

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      I do know about Hercules but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. Thanks, though. Perhaps I’ll get to it a little sooner based on your recommendation.

      I actually work at the IBM software lab in Toronto so I have access to zPDT if I want it. I’ve not met anyone that uses it, but like Hercules, I haven’t actually tried it.

      All in good time. After all, it’s a mainframe. It’s eternal, right? ;)

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        You need to get your own z/OS system at home :) A few guys on the rescue list have ‘em.

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          I haven’t used Hercules: just read a lot about it. I do recall it was apparently good enough for production that one company tried to make money selling it on servers to lower mainframe rates/use. Customers were happy with it until IBM’s lawyers shut that down. So, I’m guessing it could have value for testing apps. ;)