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    Sourcegraph co-creator here. Thanks for posting this! We pushed a bunch of improvements to Sourcegraph to make it faster and easier for you all to search for code and find real usage examples (taken from other projects on GitHub). We’re developers, too, and we want Sourcegraph to be the developer reference tool we want to use 100x a day. Let me know if you have any feedback. :)

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      It’s looking swankier and swankier every time I check it, great work!

      I noticed the golang crawling has some bugs in it though:

      From the scenarios where Sourcegraph did work, I found it very handy. If most of the above was fixed, I can see myself growing fairly dependent on the service. :)

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        Thanks, this feedback is super useful!

        I filed bugs on us for points 1-4: https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph.com/issues/161 and https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph.com/issues/162.

        As for having different results from godoc.org, yeah, there are a lot of improvements we could make there. In the case of that link you posted, it looks like both Sourcegraph and godoc.org each had 1 importer/dependent but they were different. I just triggered a build of the one godoc was showing, and now Sourcegraph has both. Of course, in many cases Sourcegraph will be worse than godoc.org–but we’re working really hard to improve it all the time.

        Please keep the feedback coming!

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      I was expecting to get something back for sys.exit as it mentions python but I don’t get any results back.

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        We just pushed an improvement to make it get Python C definitions better (of which sys.exit is one). Expect a blog post announcement soon.