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      Great list, i would always recommend firefox and firefox containers, great tools for separating activities, such as

      • work
      • banking
      • shopping
      • entertainment

      Should at least make creating a profile on your activities somewhat harder.

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        Do the Firefox containers still serve a purpose with the 1st party isolation (“Total Cookie Protection”)? Unless multiple accounts at the same service are needed, the way I understand it, things are already kept separately. I separate my personal and work matters with two separate Firefox profiles, so my histories and bookmarks don’t mix as well. This is something the containers don’t cover and I find this part much more useful.

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          I use them for eg logging into multiple AWS accounts at the same time; I find that reasonably useful.

          They also help separate your google profile, so sites that use google SSO library don’t show a popover to login with your google account (unless you use your google container to visit them).