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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    So, uh, I wasn’t planning on it but I got a Friday that was a little free-er than usual and I got sucked into something…

    There’s a back story to it but tl;dr a long time ago, I used to organize my plans for world domination notes, project write-ups and, well, stuff, in what was effectively a local website, that I built with Netscape Composer (yep, that’s how old it was), and later Mozilla Composer. The plug on these things was pulled a while back and I reverted to a vaguely-organised heap of junk, mostly managed via file managers and index files.

    I briefly tried resurrecting this approach using CKEditor and some clever server-side magic but I abandoned that pretty quickly since it was literally worse than Netscape Composer in every way except UTF-8 support. Instead I settled for a hacked-up version of Emacs markdown-mode which is still worse, but not by as much.

    But for the past week or so I’ve been wondering just how frickin’ hard would it be to write something that can display something slightly more advanced than AmigaGuide in terms of graphics and navigation, but with interactive editing, because those “note-taking apps” where you compose your notes on one side of the screen and preview them on the other like it’s 1983 and we now got graphical terminals but all we have is troff really grind my gears. Kind of like Typora, I guess, except not eating my battery for lunch, with better navigation, and without having to write five thousand lines of CSS to get a theme that’s also meant to be used to write real stuff, not just to look good in screenshots.

    So just for the heck of it I whipped up something with PySide this afternoon and it… doesn’t seem that hard you guys! So I guess that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

    As a side note, man, the Qt company is the frickin’ worst. I haven’t written much Qt code in the past four years or so and admittedly not on macOS since, what, 2008? Now there’s an offline installer (!?) that makes you sign up for an account and… what the heck is this? I swear to God I have half a mind to just pick literally anything else. I’m not super happy with where Python’s heading, either – the only thing that’s keeping me from it is that my knowledge on text layout is so meagre that I don’t dare to use anything that doesn’t have a rich text editing widget as good as Qt’s, which kind of discards most toolkits available for Lua out there…

    Edit: oh and also…


    Man I love winter, it’s my favourite time of the year!

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      In the other article, you mentioned that you were looking at learning some Mac programming. The OpenStep text system (adopted directly and extended by Cocoa) is a thing of beauty. You might find that combining these two projects is very enjoyable.

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        Whoa, hey, you’re right! These past few days I’ve actually taken a few GUI toolkits with Lua and/or Python bindings for a drive, mostly because I kindda wanted to avoid Qt after, uh, seeing what they’ve done to the place. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I realize I haven’t even thought of trying either Cocoa or GNUstep, both of which I am somewhat familiar with. Or, rather, I was somewhat familiar with at one point, I haven’t touched them in years but my memory is good enough. Ironically enough, I’m actually more familiar with the latter, which is what actually got me interested in OS X and Cocoa many years ago. IIRC the text controls were bloody amazing indeed, and i’d actually love to use something that’s, erm, reasonably safe from the innovation bandwagon.

        Reasonable cross-platform support is one of the things I’m interested in (since the Netscape Composer days, I’ve switched from Windows to FreeBSD, then Linux, then macOS) so I’m not that sure I want to tie myself to Cocoa, but GNUStep is a whole other story!

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      Potentially saying goodbye to my dog. He’s at the vet now and I’m waiting to hear back on the diagnosis.

      Also having to decide whether to change jobs. The money on the new offer is so good I feel like it’s a joke, like I’m missing something obvious.

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        I’m so sorry friend. Hopefully it’s good news. Either way, take care during thia difficult time.

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        I’ll be continuing my work on modernizing Mixere, an audio mixer for live productions, to get a v1.2.0 released; Mixere’s last release from the original maintainer was in 2007. My focus for this weekend is to fix type warnings and to get 64-bit support.

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            Painting the living room in the new house I moved into earlier this week! I had hoped to paint before moving in, but only managed to finish the bedrooms. Sunday is the Christmas Regatta at my sailing club: last race of the season. I’m looking forward to see how my winter wetsuit and hot socks hold up! Probably will unpack some more boxes from the aforementioned move too.

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              Christmas movies. It is that time of year again, and there must be Christmas movies. Lots and lots of Christmas movies. :)

              We also have a birthday party. It’ll be good to see the family again. I see my family more in this last six weeks of the year than I do in the rest of the year combined. I am happy for this.

              I want to do a few hours on Advent of Code, although I’ve decided to take a very low-key and slumbering approach to it this year, focusing more on the journey than the destination. I find I get more out of it that way. So often in the past I’d get the right answer, hate what I did or not really understand why it worked, then move on. Not doing that this year.

              I’m also speaking next year at a conference on cross-system type-based testing. Need to work on that some more over the holidays.

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                  Trying to “finish” (for now at least) my über workbench with some t-track for hold downs, and fixing a few more of the dining chairs.

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                    Being tired from my booster shot it seems. Spending time to talk to people, checking up on them, maybe playing a game or two.

                    Hope you guys all have a relaxing time, too, whether that’s working on your favorite project, sleeping in or something else diy you.

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                      Got a garage to clear out so I can fit a sofa in for storage next week, which will likely involve a run to the tip. Parts for the Z4 have arrived as well (including a repaired GM5 module to make the central locking functional 🤞🏻) so that needs undressing and bits throwing on it. Probably give it a run out somewhere as well, maybe across to the sailing club to look at the boats.

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                        I’ll be flying to DC for Christmas. The worst place to be in right now, right? Talking about current politics :-)

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                          cleaning up and organizing my garage so I can continue learning woodworking.

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                            Packing up to visit family, and probably working on langdev stuff.

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                              Writing a minimal replacement for cloud-init to use within waifud

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                                  https://github.com/Xe/assimil8 is where i’m putting it

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                                • Setup a website for a non-tech side-project
                                • Continue learning x64 nasm programming. Been two weeks now, and I feel a bit more confident. Will attempt a few exercism problems
                                • Spring cleaning the apartment. Parents are visiting soon!