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    While this article is written in a very clickbaity style, I think it’s relevant to our industry. I’m glad the article mentioned Visual Basic. Another tool to consider: Microsoft Access. Writing simple CRUD forms for data entry was something that, in the 90s, did not require more than a general understanding of computers.

    In the past two decades, we moved away from simple, accessible tools that did one thing well(*) to the web ecosystem. At the same time, employment opportunities for programmers grew, perhaps by an order of magnitude.

    Of course, not all programmers are employed to write simple CRUD forms. And if they are, certainly not all the time.

    I’ve frequently wondered if our inaccessible software development ecosystem has actually siphoned off economic growth into our field by requiring programming skills to do even mundane tasks. And whether the rise of “no-code” environments is simply a long-overdue return to normal.

    (*) Granted, Microsoft Access was a terrible database with a great form designer.