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    Agreed with the other posters: there is nothing interesting in this article. It’s the kind of article that is written by someone who is just discovering a phenomenon, but hasn’t yet learned any of the history or prior art. But it’s easy to put this kind of stuff on the internet and share it all around. Let’s do better…

    The author is describing how experiencing one-time shared events in persistent, (massively-)mutliplayer online worlds is fun and interesting. I agree! Maybe it would be interesting to have a discussion on lobste.rs about the challenges in creating such experiences, particularly interesting ones, how these spaces are run, the history of MUDs, MMOs, and other virtual realities, etc.

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      This article was extremely boring

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        I wouldn’t tell this “storytelling”, just a marketing trick to induce discussions in social media and to make the game look like it’s ever-changing and not static. “Battle royale” games are, perhaps, the most soulless things in the industry, after mobile games with in-app purchases. Moreover, Fortnite’s look-and-feel is directly borrowed from such mobile games.