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  • New option ‘pane-border-status’ to add text in the oane borders.
  • Support for hooks on commands: ‘after’ and ‘before’ hooks.
  • ‘source-file’ understands ‘-q’ to supress errors for nonexistent files.
  • Lots of UTF8 improvements, especially on MacOS.
  • ‘window-status-separator’ understands #[] expansions.
  • ‘split-window’ understands ‘-f’ for performing a full-width split.
  • Allow report count to be specified when using ‘bind-key -R’.
  • ‘set -a’ for appending to user options (@foo) is now supported.
  • ‘display-panes’ can now accept a command to run, rather than always selecting the pane.

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    Does this mean I can have each pane’s title displayed on the divider above the pane, rather than just the active pane’s title in the lower-right?

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      Yes, and that is a very nice feature. This is how it looks for me right now:


      In the end, it really looks like dvtm

      1. 2

        Cool, I need to try that out then, will drastically improve pane use.

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          set -g pane-border-status top
          set -g pane-border-format " #{pane_index} #{pane_current_command} "

          This is what I use on the screen shot.

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      Always happy to see a tmux release :) one of my favorite pieces of software. Thanks for the great work!