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    Hadn’t previously been aware of glances, so I installed it and took it for a brief spin – worth noting is that (likely due at least in part to its implementation language(s)) its CPU consumption is quite a bit higher than top’s or htop’s (~5-6x or so compared to the latter when configured with the same update rate). For the type of tool I typically have running continuously in the background (and often with multiple instances due to some of them being in screen/tmux sessions or something), that’s a pretty significant difference, and enough for me to decide that it wasn’t about to replace htop on my systems.

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      I tried it in a terminal and I literally couldn’t read the output. I’m guessing it’s meant for use with dark colour schemes. I’m used Solarized Light in PuTTY and it displayed in light-on-light colours. top and htop are easily readable in comparison. And yes, I also noticed somewhat high CPU usage.

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        There is a command line option to set the theme (–theme-white) when running in a terminal with a light theme.

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      Really neat, but why kafka instead of good ol’ statsd?