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    Congratulations on a major milestone.

    It looks like Slint was designed from the start to support resource-constrained environments like this. Are there any unusual design decisions that made this possible? For example, it looks like Slint includes a compiler that generates Rust or C++ code. Was this done partly to reduce runtime resource usage?

    What compromises did you need to make in functionality to make Slint run in such a constrained environment? For example, I’m guessing this variant of Slint doesn’t include all text rendering features, such as support for TrueType fonts and complex writing systems.

    When running the printer demo on a Raspberry Pi Pico, how much space is left in both flash and RAM?

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      I’m trying to come up with some Tweez or Spiderland themed puns, but failing. I’m assuming it’s named after the band, after all….

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        There has to be something with “Breadcrumb Trail”.

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        I would totally use this over gtk-rs but it seems to lack custom rendered widgets? Like gtk’s DrawingArea which lets you draw on a canvas with cairo.

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          I want this to become a big thing, because I want QtQuick to have more competition in the “declarative UIs” space. QtCreator’s WYSIWYG designer is a joke, it’s quite commonly recommended to only use it to view your UI as the .qml it spits out is so often mangled.

          That and searching for qtquick-related info is an absolute pain, because:

          • searching “qt” returns info about the old imperative Qt (and I’m never sure if it even applies to QtQuick stuff)
          • searching “qml” returns info about actual .qml files instead of info about the code-side (and also about Queensland Medical Laboratory)
          • searching “QtQuick” or “QtQuick” in quotes will filter out a lot of relevant pages, as people just don’t reliably use those two labels.

          If Slint becomes common, then it’ll be far easier to search docs just by virtue of their name not having that historical baggage.