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if there would be a personal advice tag I would use it. So I consider, that i’m legitimately the author of the story and that it links to a website just anecdotally. but that is debatable, I don’t looks for karma point just to do the best thing, if I’m wrong just inform me, and I will be totally strict in the Author use, that I probably will never use anymore if so.

I looked for a tool for monitoring a web page, mainly for fun purposes. (of course I use adblocks for such things to remove all junks from google which just pay a lot for advertising with no quality) and basically https://visualping.io, does everything as I would say including apparently being an ethic startup. The site is typical of what a geek like me would love to do. (I know nothing about modern web just about technologies of 15 years ago on web like the fist ajax framework prototye.js and jquery,so I would just would setup a bad looking site, but everything else would be same) The have a free tiers of 65 request. They use trackers only for analytics (google and adnxs which sells data to ads companies), but I would typically do the same on a day job, because when I work, I’m not paid for doing activism that I do in my free time, and definitely from a business perspective, having it’s own analytics is only pure loss which can be justify if you communicate on it, and it is not the case of this startup. They have setup properly their emailing alert system (I would say that because, the professional mailing system such as mailchimp don’t match their needs) and it seems to work perfectly So definitely I would advise to use it at least up to the point they will be sell to bigger fish and it is sure that they will do unethical things for having a lot bigger ROI. but even then, it should works for a long time, perfectly aven if unethical, before totally broke (probably by some bigfish removing the service as not having big enough ROI)