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      This was actually recommended reading in one of my early UNIX classes when I went to college a decade ago. The Beej guides are still fantastic resources.

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      As a developer with twenty years experience, I still write networked code in C and need to refer back to Beej’s guide occasionally. I even bought the printed version. :)

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      This is by far the best resource for networking ever published. His guides aren’t boring as he even makes them entertaining and fun to read

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        I recall being put of by the overly tongue-in-cheek tone. It distracted me from what I wanted to know. Though that might be because I wanted a reference manual, and what I was reading was more like a book.

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      This is such an amazing guide; I read it a few months before taking my networking class in college and it helped me stay ahead. I sent it to a bunch of folks in that class and it helped them out a ton as well!

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      The only good reason to learn BSD sockets is to abstract towards it or away from it. https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/taps/about/

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        Or to implement a network stack?

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      I personally dislike what they’ve done with the CSS.

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        If you go up a directory you’ll find a widescreen variant that looks more like it used to.

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      Nice, they updated the CSS. I think the source code examples look better if you allow them to overflow, at least on desktop.

      Add .sourceCode { overflow: visible; } in Stylus or whatever if you want that.